Banshee Worm King – Early Feedback

"Screw you for killing ______ I get it, but still, screw you…" – Brian

Okay, I wanted to wait until I heard from all the readers who received the first shipment of ARCs of the Banshee Worm King: Book Five of the Oz Chronicles before I posted any comments they sent my way because I didn’t want them to influence each other’s opinions of the book.   I thought it would be weeks before I heard back from all of them.  I’m happy to report that in just a little over a week, I’ve heard from all of them.  Here is what they had to say (minus any spoilers):

Got it yesterday. Finished it this morning. YOU’RE HEARTLESS. But this is the best one yet.  – Kinser 

…. I instantly started reading it. Several hours later I had finished the book. I enjoyed every page and every sentence of it. The book was by far the best you have written in my opinion. It was amusing, suspenseful, and exciting all at once. – Jacob 

Great job on book 5… I’m always a fan of your action scenes and this one didn’t disappoint… Screw you for killing ______ I get it, but still, screw you… – Brian 

Logan Has Finished ‘Banshee Worm King, Book 5 Of The Oz Chronicles’ And Has Now Allowed Me To Read It. He Won’t Say A Word, Per Your Inscription, Other Than “That Was The BEST One Yet!” I Am Only Halfway Through It And So Far I Completely Agree! KUDOS! – Christina 

I swore them all to secrecy in regards to who dies in the book, but as you can see, a couple of them were a little upset with me.  I learned from Charlotte’s Web as a kid that no one is safe in the world of fiction.   I’ve got more feedback from other readers, but I’m waiting on their permission to post their comments.  I am, to say the least, pleased with the feedback so far.

14 thoughts on “Banshee Worm King – Early Feedback

  1. It’s not Dumbledore again, is it?!


  2. The suspense is killing me, I hope it will last!! Can’t wait till this is released for us normal folk!

  3. Hmmm Still haven’t received the ARC.

  4. I sure hope that that ending doesn’t mean what you said in the end R.

    I think I’d be heartbroken.

    • Ha – many people are very concerned over who I’m going to kill next. I feel like David Chase. :)

      • Expanding on that a tad more, I think it was just a much more engaging read. The series has really drawn me and I couldn’t put this one down. It was pretty heartbreaking when you know who died.

      • I am emotionally invested in these characters now! You better not kill that one person you said you’d kill.

        In other words, very good, I think it was better than the Hunger Games, if I’m even allowed to say such a thing.

      • You’re allowed. :) Suzanne Collins is a brilliant writer and I relish the compliment.

  5. Wow…just finished BWK…Mr. Ridley what can be said other than wow. Discovered Oz Chronicles while in the hospital a few months back. It got me through a month of torture that a Delon could be proud of. It has quickly become one of my favorite series and this installment did not disappoint. Thanks!

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